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Personal information

No personal information registered on MyWatch.dk will be transferred, sold or made available to third parties at any time. All information is stored in a reliable manner and is only available to Trusted Workers at MyWatch.dk

During a purchase, we will provide us with the name, address, phone number and email address. This information is used exclusively for processing your order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically in unencrypted form and stored for 5 years. The actual “contract” (purchase agreement) is not stored with MyWatch.dk in a way so you can log in and see / change status later.

In addition, we register the IP address from which purchases are made. The information normally finds no use, but can be used in an evident police investigation. All fake orders are filed!

According to the Personal Data Act, we provide information on registered information and, based on any objections, we will delete as requested.


Mywatch.dk has a large assortment in expensive and exclusive watches and sells for security reasons only via payment prior to bank transfer, or by personal pickup.

It has unfortunately been necessary to drop the use of Dankort, due to cheating with the use of stolen cards.

Mywatch.dk reserves the right, without further justification, to reject an order as watches or accessories may be reserved or sold.


Mywatch.dk has a large assortment in expensive and exclusive watches and sells for security reasons only via payment prior to bank transfer, or by personal pickup.

You can see other traders’ experiences with Mywatch.dk under User Experiences.

It has unfortunately been necessary to drop the use of Dankort, due to cheating with the use of stolen cards.

Bank and Tax Info

Tax number. 2848 2833

Company Name and Address

Bjarne Vork A/S
Box 207DK-8700 Horsens
Phone + 45 4072 2755

Bank Information

Bank: Vestjysk Bank, Grønlandsvej 1 B, 8700 Horsens, Denmark
Account Number/Registration & Account No.: 7733 – 00013 96 950
Please Submit payment to BIC code; VEHODK22
For favour: DK67 7733 0001 3969 50

Information about Bjarne Vork A/S-Mywatch.dk

Bjarne Vork A/S is found in 2002. Earlier the name was Dantec Danmark A/S found in 1989.
Mywatch.dk is 100% owned at Bjarne Vork A/S


MyWatch.dk provides for delivery with Post Danmark (unless otherwise stated) to the recipient, preferably on a specified date. However, timely delivery implies that Post Denmark complies with day-to-day delivery. In case of late delays at Post Danmark, this will correspondingly delay delivery in relation to the desired delivery date. Post Denmark’s quality target for delivery security is at least 97% for mail packages and at least 99% for package mail. However, note that these percentages are average and can cover large local and time-limited variations. MyWatch.dk can not be held responsible for delays at Post Danmark.

Shipping of the ordered item will usually take place within 3 days. If this is not possible, you will of course be informed about this, with the possibility of cancellation of trade if this may be desired.

Shipping prices are valid only for delivery in Denmark. For foreign orders or shipment, additional price is added. The price is given and paid by order.


MyWatch.dk provides 2 years of warranty under the Danish law, including manufacturing and material defects found at the normal use of the goods. The warranty does not cover errors, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention. Complaints about defects that should be detected by the usual inspection of the item must be notified to MyWatch within a reasonable period of time. The item can subsequently be returned for repair, replacement or after any possible credit. In case of complaints, MyWatch.dk will return return costs to a reasonable extent.

Complaints and Return Merchandise

In case of errors, missing or missing deliveries, please contact:
Mailbox 207
8700 Horsens
Email: mywatch@mywatch.dk

Or the clock can be sent together with a guarantee certificate to Urmager Halse, Søndergade 33, 8700 Horsens with a description of the error.

Item return sent to MyWatch.dk, P.O. Box 207, 8700 Horsens-Note that we do not receive packages sent per Gud. COD. Return can also be made by refusing receipt or by personal delivery.

It is not a requirement, but the expedition is promoted if adequate information follows the package – such as copy of order confirmation, registration number and account number for bank account for which reimbursement may take place, copy of prior correspondence, etc.

Reimbursement In the case of agreed decors, returned goods or prepaid goods that are canceled prior to shipment, there must be a full or partial refund of the purchase price. Refund usually takes place by bank transfer, and MyWatch therefore needs information about registration number and account number.


A 14-day return policy is provided in the sales law. The item is returned in the same condition and the purchase price is refunded subsequently upon receipt of the Mywatch.dk. Return costs are borne by the buyer. For practical details see the item warrenty.

User Experiences

MyWatch.dk live exclusively on the basis of satisfied users!

We always seek a good and positive experience for you-unruffled whether you buy or sell. It is therefore important to:

  • You trust the authenticity of your watch
  • That we are familiar with the history of the clock
  • The clock is in good mechanical condition

We describe the clocks as accurately and honestly as possible so that you can always have full faith in our ads.

There is of course always a warranty on a clock you buy from MyWatch.dk-this is primarily in the form of a factory warranty-and otherwise, alternatively, where the factory warranty does not cover, according to applicable Danish legislation of MyWatch.dk.

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